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As two cis, heterosexual parents raising our children in a rural community, we have been educated by our beautiful transgender daughter. Walking this journey has opened our eyes to the oppression and hate levied towards trans and gender-diverse people who are simply living their truth. The strength, loneliness, and abandonment these brave humans face is criminal. 


We have been blessed with a support system, given in large part by Camp Aranu'tiq, and want to continue to provide support and education to other parents walking our same path. In an effort to make the world a kinder, more loving place for our daughter and for all trans and gender-diverse people, Narwhal Magic Kindness has been born. We recognize the power of living your authentic self, the beauty of acceptance and the power of love. 


Narwhal Magic Kindness wants every person, no matter how they identify, to feel affirmed, recognized and acknowledged in good times and in bad.   


Non-profit organizations we have supported:


Camp Aranu'tiq

National Transgender Center for Equality

Human Rights Campaign

Our Vision: Narwhal Magic Kindness envisions a world in which the marginalized transgender community is empowered to live their vital, authentic, healthy lives and are free from violence and oppression now and for the future.

We Rise By Lifting Each Other

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