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Podcasts Are Awesome!!
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Team NMK is a huge fan of podcasts! Below is a home-grown list of collected podcasts geared toward educating parents of transgender and gender-diverse kids. This list is intended to be a resource for readers who are looking for additional resources to learn and grow. NMK does not have any direct ties or affiliation to the podcast featured on this page. If you believe there is a podcast we should add to our shared collection, please email our team.


Supporting Transgender Teens: What Parents Need to Know

May 27, 2021
Hosted by Dr. Suzanne B. Phillips
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A podcast about gender, identity, orientation, and all the life that happens around them!

George is a straight FtM transgender man. Jess is his pansexual nonbinary/genderqueer wife. Together they talk about transition, marriage, transition, parenting, transition, working in the public sector, transition, friendships, and did we mention transition?

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This is a fantastic resource both as a podcast and as a book. I highly recommend it for all parents of transgender children. Be sure to visit her blog at:

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TransLash Media presents our new limited-series podcast, The Anti-Trans Hate Machine. This four-part program takes us behind the curtains of the people and institutions driving the anti-trans backlash across the country to expose a highly-organized political apparatus, which makes the future potentially darker for everyone. To do so, we center the voices and stories of trans people, as well as their families, who are victimized by this hostile movement with our award-winning journalist Imara Jones guiding us along the way.

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What do we mean when we call ourselves “allies”? For Dr. Nita Mosby Tyler, being an ally means being a person that uses their own resources and privileges to stand beside people that are marginalized. She explains why we need "unlikely allies" in the fight for justice, and why people who are experiencing inequality first hand must be willing to accept the help if we all want the world to be a fairer, more equitable place. 

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A conversation with researcher Katina Sawyer on how to create trans-inclusive organizations, even when many people are working remotely.

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For many years, transgender people have remained silent. But today they are affirming publicly that they have a rightful place in society and religious groups are now grappling with transgender issues. The Church of England General Synod recently debated a motion to draw up a prayer to welcome people who have transitioned from one sex to another. The House of Bishops turned it down.


The Bible asserts that God made mankind in his own image; so what's the problem? Presumably he made people whose gender does not sit comfortably with the sex they were assigned at birth? But debate still rages within the church because the Bible also says that "male and female, God created them" which suggests that there should be no ambiguity when it comes to a person's gender.


The issues are complex and they can multiply if a trans person is living a religious life within a religious community. What is the attitude of religious traditions towards transgender people? Are the problems more cultural than religious?


Joining Ernie Rea are Kamalanandi, and Philippa Whittaker, A Buddhist and a Christian who have both transitioned. With them in discussion is the academic Dr Susannah Cornwall whose work concentrates on contextual theologies, particularly those relating to sex gender and sexuality.


Ernie also talks to Indian transgender activist Vyjayanti Vasanta Mogli about the role that the Hijra play within the Hindu community in India. The Hijra are transgender people who are invited to bless new born babies and married couples but they find themselves outcast within Indian society despite a change in the law in 2014 which recognises their right to be who they are.


Producer: Helen Lee

Series producer: Amanda Hancox

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NPR Story Corps recorded a whole series on Stonewall marking the 50th anniversary. All episodes are rich with LGBTQ history and are worth listening to.

In this episode, we'll hear from trans women of color, who have often been the first to stand up for equality, and the last to be recognized for their contributions.


Important: Start listening minute 13:44 or you will be listening to outdated British politics. This is a great podcast that follows.

Intersex people have so much common ground with trans people, we should support each other! Ash & Meesh talk to intersex trans woman Diana James and intersex activist Izzy MacCallum about what is going on for intersex folks

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In our first episode of Transgender Warriors we delve into the life, writing and political activism of Leslie Feinberg, the late American author of Stone Butch Blues and Transgender Warriors: Making History from Joan of Arc to Dennis Rodman.


You can watch the entirely of Leslie Feinberg’s lecture at Sonoma State University Conference “The Transgender Movement, Yesterday, Today and the Future” here.

If you want to learn more about the Free CeCe campaign that Leslie Feinberg was heavily involved in, check out the Free CeCe documentary hosted by Laverne Cox, as well as the film-clip of B.Dolan’s “Which Side are You on?” which features Leslie Feinberg heirself spray-painting “Free CeCe” in gold paint on a courthouse wall.

Thanks for listening, and stay fierce warriors!

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The Trump administration wants to legalize transgender discrimination in the workplace. This week’s conversation breaks down how we reached this point. From the ways our social system constructs and uses gender, to the law and its limitations, to the political struggles within the LGBTQ community, Chase Strangio discusses many of the complex factors at play in the fight for transgender rights. A lawyer at the ACLU and a trans man himself, Strangio has been at the epicenter of the extremely high stakes battle for transgender people to receive equaity and recognition. Right now, he is part of the legal team preparing to challenge the Trump administration before the Supreme Court, representing a woman fired for being trans.

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