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When you see our Narwhal logo in the window of a classroom, business, organization, or place of business, you know it is a place where people can be their authentic self. If you are interested in helping us expand our Safe Spaces Community, order your Narwhal logo today

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Calling someone by their chosen name is simple act of affirmation. Name changes occur for various reasons all the time. It is an act of courtesy to respect the name someone has chosen. 

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When and if a transgender person discloses is up to them. It is dangerous and disrespectful to out a person.

Stonewall Celebration


To people who have never questioned their gender, pronouns can be confusing. However, pronouns, like a chosen name, are central to a transgender persons' identity. Seek to understand. Seek to honor. 

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See Something, Say Something!

When you are in the presence of transphobia, homophobia, or any other type of prejudice....

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Asking about surgery, hormones, or other health related concerns is inappropriate. Transgender people do not need to justify their existence or authenticity by answering intimate questions. 

Young Gay Couple


Want to learn more? We are happy to assist. Please email and ask your question. 

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