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About NMK

Narwhal Magic Kindness was created by two-cisgender parents who, at the time, were looking for information, resources, and a community to help their family support their child’s journey to becoming her true, authentic self. 

It all started at the kitchen table. Together with their child, they made affirming ornaments to hang around their home, connected with others in the community via social media, and dreamt up stories about a world that empowers all types of people. They soon learned that these simple things were so empowering for their child. They began attending conferences and amazing LGBTQIA events up and down the east coast.  Slowly they began to find community. 

Over the years, this community has become the basis for Narwhal Magic Kindness. It continues to provide resources and support to parents, family members, and caregivers who might be new on their journey. 

Today, based on some incredible love and support, NMK is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization. As we walk through this process, we will continue doing the hard work of shedding light on the diversity in our world and celebrating our differences. 

Paper Heart

It is the mission, duty, and purpose of Narwhal Magic Kindness Inc. to empower transgender and gender-diverse people and to educate the broader community on the beauty of diversity in the gender mosaic.

Image by Max Di Capua
Image by Jess Bailey

Through our work and resources, NMK strives to become an organization that is seen as a vital resource for parents, caregivers, educators, and employers. We believe education is empowerment and can be harnessed to create safe spaces for transgender, non-binary, and gender-expansive people. As we move towards non-profit status, we believe that each person and their uniqueness is as essential as each tile in a great mosaic masterpiece. The world would not be as beautiful without each of us—our stories and uniqueness.

Image by Paola Franco
Core Values

EQUALITY: We believe that every individual should have an equal opportunity to make the most of their lives and talents regardless of how they were born, where they come from, what they believe or their abilities.

AUTHENTICITY:  We believe that every individual should have the right to live as they identify, their authentic selves.

EDUCATION: We believe that education is the core of understanding differences. Being willing to listen with an open mind and heart leads to empathy and understanding.

SAFETY: We believe that every individual has the right to bodily autonomy and safety, no matter how they identify.

Image by Erfan Moradi
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