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Our Transgender & Gender Diverse Children Are Valid

Affirmation & Love Are The Only Path Forward

We are a group of parents working to educate the community at large including educators, providers, and parents about the beauty found in gender diversity or what we like to call the gender mosaic. This is a term we’ve coined to recognize and celebrate all genders including transgender, non-binary, intersex, agender, cisgender, and all gender-expansive people. As essential as each tile is in the great mosaic masterpieces, so is each element of an entire gender mosaic. Without each of us—our stories and our uniqueness—the world would not be as beautiful. It is our goal to shed light on the diversity found in a gender mosaic and to celebrate our differences.

Children Embracing in Circle

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Our weekly newsletter contains real-life stories, tips and action items for parents, grandparents, caregivers and those who love transgender, non-binary and gender diverse people. I hope you'll join me in building a community together.

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