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Trans Empowerment Readathon, Let's Read!

Here at Narwhal Magic Kindness, we love supporting transgender voices, so when the Trans Empowerment Project sent out the call, we answered. The Trans Empowerment Project’s mission is simple:

“Moving the trans* community out of crisis and into empowerment by focusing on the abolition of white supremacy to ensure that our most marginalized community members, Disabled Queer and Trans* People of Color, can thrive and live their best lives.” Trans* includes folks who are Queer, Transgender, Non-Binary, Two Spirit, Gender Non-Conforming, and other related identities across the gender spectrum. While we center our focus on the liberation and success of Disabled Trans* people of color, our work intentionally supports all Trans* people.

This week the Trans Empowerment Project is holding a Trans Rights Readathon. Here are their suggestions:

· Read: Move those books with Trans* authors and Trans* and gender-diverse characters to the top of your list. Borrow them from your library, visit your local bookstore, or download that audiobook.

· Interact: Drop your recommendations and follow Trans* authors and Trans* creators.

· Donate: If you can, choose a Trans* organization or individual to donate to. A possible model for that is pledging to donate a certain amount for every chapter book you finish.

If you need book suggestions, please visit Sam’s Transgender Book List here on our website. Be sure to tag them #TransRightsReadathon Now let’s read!

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